Dick Heath


Dick Heath joins The Education Group as an experienced consultant on leadership and governance in independent schools. Having served over 40 years as a school administrator and leader, Dick’s background and his areas of expertise will serve him well as a consultant with The Education Group.

After graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, Dick went on to complete a Master of Arts in Teaching from Colgate University. Over the past 40 years of Dick’s career in education, he has served independent schools as a teacher, coach, administrator and leader. During his 24 years as headmaster of Sandia Preparatory School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dick more than doubled the school’s growth. He implemented capital campaigns, worked closely and effectively with the board on the capital campaigns, and ultimately added $21 million to campus buildings and $5 million to the school’s endowment.

In addition to his exemplary work at Sandia Prep, Dick has served as a NAIS Board Member, as Chair of the NAIS Education Committee and as a representative for the Southwest Associations.  Dick was President of ISAS during their long range planning effort that moved the organization from a “committee of the whole” to committee-based governance. He has served on independent school boards of trustees, worked with numerous schools as chair of accreditation visiting teams, has mentored schools heads, advised board leaders and worked as mediator to help resolve staff issues.