Sample Coaching Sessions

Although “executive coaching” is common in business and the professions, many new heads and their board chairs may not fully understand the advantages or dynamics of “executive coaching” in education. The Education Group would be happy to schedule an hour-long “sample” session to help a new head and a board chair evaluate its appropriateness for their school’s needs.

A Six-Session Executive Coaching Package

The Education Group’s Executive Coaching program typically provides support in the period between a new head’s appointment and the conclusion of his or her first year. Still, a new or veteran head may wish to arrange for an abbreviated regimen of meetings, perhaps to evaluate the program’s usefulness or to address a specific topic or need at the school. This package is not, however, intended to address “crisis management,” for which a different kind of support is needed.

Career Planning Counseling for Aspiring Heads

The Education Group’s Executive Coaching Program often begins on the day that a new head is appointed, but for many the need for counsel and support begins long before that day, even before an aspirant enters a search. Our Executive Coaches are prepared to offer such counsel to an aspiring head in a face-to-face or video-conferencing session.

Video-Conferencing Sessions between a School and Prospective Executive Coaches

The Executive Coaches at The Education Group are eager to meet with new heads and trustees to explain the coaching program, to facilitate a conversation between the head and trustees about it, or to offer them an opportunity to evaluate different coaches for possible service at their school.

Additional Services for Boards of Trustees

With the appointment of a new head, many schools undergo a thorough review of board practices. In particular, schools served by long-tenured, highly regarded heads find it helpful to re-organize or re-energize their board to meet new, different needs at the school. In that spirit, The Education Group offers these special services:

  • Governance Workshops: Conducted by one or two members of our Executive Coaching team, this half- or full-day workshop addresses “best practices” for both board governance and leadership transition.

  • Board Training Workshops: Designed for either the orientation of new trustees or a review of “best practices” for experienced individual trustees, these programs can be accessed via video-conferencing or in face-to-face sessions on the school campus.

  • Strategic Planning: Typically the search for a new head is initiated by a comprehensive strategic planning exercise at the school, during which the major “stakeholders” determine the school’s needs, goals, and priorities for their new leader. Still, after a new head has assumed office, he or she and the board may wish to engage in further strategic planning, a process with which members of The Education Group’s Executive Coaches are expert and can be helpful.