What Sets Us Apart?

1.     The Education Group Executive Coaches are recently retired heads of school, all of whom enjoyed outstanding careers in independent school education.

2.     These Executive Coaches will not typically have been involved in the search for the heads they coach; thus they enter their relationship with a new head with a fresh, clear perspective. However, if a school wishes to enlist their TEG search consultant as an Executive Coach, we will work to accommodate them.                                                                  

3.     Many of the current Executive Coaches were part of the team which originally created the TEG curriculum, and so are intimately conversant with its mission and objectives.

4.     In that spirit, these men and women are committed to their role as an Executive Coach: a confidante, trusted advisor, friend, teacher, and wise person, investing time, energy, and personal experience in supporting the growth and potential of a new head of school.

5.     In their meetings with one another over the last two years, these retired heads agreed that they could not think of a school issue that at least one of them had not dealt with; more importantly, however, they also agreed that they were good listeners, eager to help new heads solve their problems and not to impose a solution on them.

6.     In creating the TEG Executive Coaching Curriculum, these former heads of school developed a special bond and can call on one another for advice and counsel in addressing the needs of the new heads they coach.

7.     Several of these Executive Coaches are supported in this endeavor by their spouses, who are uniquely qualified to support both new heads and their spouses/partners in adjusting to their roles and responsibilities in an independent school.

8.     As fully retired heads of school, TEG Executive Coaches have not sought fulltime employment in their role as coaches, and will take on a small number of clients per year; in that spirit, they offer themselves to schools from a strong desire to meet a serious need in supporting independent school leadership.

9.     Different from the support system offered by other search firms, TEG Executive Coaches can be contracted for a brief period or for as much as 18 months – from the time of appointment until the conclusion of the new head’s first full year.

10.  TEG Executive Coaches will be available via e-mail, phone, or Skype 24 hours a day, and can schedule an emergency meeting with a new head on short notice.