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James Byer
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As one of The Education Group Executive Coaches, Dr. Byer represents three pillars of our program - Education, Character and Leadership. The lengthy list of Jim’s professional and personal associations emphasize his life-long dedication to education and leadership.

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Dennis M. Campbell
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Dennis M. Campbell is an educator, theologian, author, and consultant. Dr. Campbell works with non-profit schools and organizations as a consultant advising about governance, management, organization, and planning.

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Rev. Peter Gunn Cheney
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Peter has been in the fields of education and ministry for 42 years. Now living again in Tucson, he serves as an Associate Priest at the Episcopal Church of St. Michael’s and All Angels and as a member of the Board of Trustees for St. Michael’s School in the role of Past-President.

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John Cooper
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As a former college dean and professor, a think tank president, and an independent school headmaster, John brings a broad view to the challenges of managing and leading independent schools.

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Dave Davies
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In his forty-two years in independent schools, Dave has served as a Head of School, Interim Head of School, Assistant Head, and Head of Upper School. In addition, he has taught, coached, served as a dorm parent, directed a college guidance office, and held numerous other administrative roles.

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Karen Drawz
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Karen Drawz is a professional in the field of education with extensive experience in school administration and educational leadership. She retired from The Hockaday School in July 2010 after serving in various administrative positions throughout her 34-year tenure.

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David Dougherty
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With his retirement in 2012, David Dougherty completed 44 years of service in independent schools, and now looks forward to serving the next generation of school leaders as an executive coach.

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Kay Dougherty
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Kay Dougherty retired in 2012, after completing forty-six years of teaching and service in public and independent (both boarding and day) schools.

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Dorothy Hutcheson
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Dorothy Hutcheson served as the Head of School Emerita of the Nightingale-Bamford School in Manhattan for 20 years. Since leaving Nightingale in 2012, she has maintained her connection to elementary and secondary education by consulting to schools, and by mentoring new heads of school.

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Mary Kesler
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In 1988, Mary and several colleagues founded The Education Group. Under Mary’s leadership, The Education Group developed a number of leading edge projects to address issues of concern within independent schools.

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Bob Kirkpatrick
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Bob is a seasoned leader in the independent school world and a welcome addition to our consulting team. Over his 42-year career, Bob has served in a number of roles, most recently as head of school for St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas.

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Allison Lorimer
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Allison has been affiliated with The Education Group since 1994. Her beginnings at the firm encompassed teacher recruitment and placement. Since 2001, Allison has led the firm as Director of Placement working with schools across the nation in their hiring needs.

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Mary Menacho
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Listen. Inquire. Design. Act. Reflect. Repeat! Mary Menacho exercises these verbs with clients so they can move their “rocks out of the road.” An Executive Coach certified by the Center for School Transformation, Mary leverages over 40 years in education.

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Carolyn A. Miller
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With her strong people skills and administrative talents, Carolyn has devoted her career energies to enriching the school experience for both students and faculty. She rejoins The Education Group as an administrative placement coordinator for independent schools.

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Lucy Nazro
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A long term board member of the National Association of Episcopal School and other regional professional and non-profit organizations, Mrs. Nazro brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Education Group

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Gloria Snyder
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Gloria joined The Education Group in 2009 after she left as Head of Parish Episcopal School, Dallas, Texas, where she had served since 1980. Under her leadership, she has guided its growth from an elementary school to a comprehensive school encompassing grades PK–12.

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Katherine Stuart
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Hired to the team at The Education Group in 2006 by co-founder and long-term president Mary E. Kesler, Katherine is deeply immersed in the mission and vision of the firm.

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Alex Whelehan
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Alex Whelehan is a graduate both The Town School and of The Dalton School in New York City and of Kenyon College in Gambier, OH. She has nearly twenty years of experience as a school administrator for both Admissions and Development.