David R. Dougherty   Director of Executive Coaching

David R. Dougherty

Director of Executive Coaching

Letter from the Director

Although I retired six years ago, people still call me “Headmaster.” I am deeply honored.

Now, as a retired school head, I want to “pay it forward” with thanks.

And so I joined a dozen other recently retired heads at The Education Group to create the Executive Coaching program to address the key challenges and opportunities of a new head’s first year.

Such programs are standard in business, but still new in education. New heads are expected to know everything!

For now, read about our program and the bios of our team, which uniquely consists exclusively of former school heads. Then, please e-mail me to ask questions or arrange a time to talk about your work and ours.

Of course you’re busy and may not have time to read, let alone act, on these suggestions. If not, put this letter in your “tickler file” or folder  – don’t delete it – and look at it when you are a little less busy. For sure, when (if!) that day comes, we’ll be happy to talk with you.

Again, good luck to you. We wish you the best at this exciting and important time.


David R. Dougherty
Director, Executive Coaching Program