Eric Dozier

Director of Equity & Global Education 

Eric Dozier is Director of our Equity and Global Education Program, one which openly explores inclusion and equality in today’s world. Known internationally for his groundbreaking work as a cultural activist as seen through a spiritual and ethical lens, Eric’s creative strength is in exploring the human dynamic through workshops, lectures and as a music composer, performer and educator. His educational profile is international in scope - after graduating from the McCallie School, he received a B.A. in Public Policy Studies (Duke University) and a Masters in Theological Studies (MTS) from Duke Divinity School and is currently a Ph.D Candidate in Gospel Performance from the University of Tasmania in Australia. At The Recording Workshop (Chillicothe, OH), Eric completed the Advanced Music Production Program where he trained in all aspects of technical music recording and multimedia production. His ongoing musical education programs incorporate soul, gospel, jazz, R&B, Hip Hop and blues through voice and instrumentation. Educating children through his creative, arts-infused approach explores the impact of race and diversity through vision and leadership on a broad community: Eric’s recordings, lectures, concert appearances, performances, consulting and composing renown have earned him a one-word review from The New York Times, “Rousing!”. Even a brief synopsis of his accomplishments shows the scope of his global attitude - directing the World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir for the Give Peace a Chance Tour through six continents; solo performer of original composition at the United Nations World Summit on Children with Nelson Mandela in South Africa; Festival of Voices , a masterclass exploring African American Sacred Song for choral directors across Australia.

Eric’s ongoing involvement with mentoring and educational enrichment, collaborating while developing programs for organizations, working with scholars, educators and activists highlights his extraordinary energy and commitment to his song at a time.

●  He is on the Educational Curriculum Design Committee for the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville, TN

●  Eric has been the Musical Director and Curriculum Consultant for the Children’s Theatre Company of New York City since 2001

●  Co-Founder and Creative Director of One Human Family Workshops, Inc. since its inception in 1998, principal composer of the national OHF repertoire and co-director of its youth performing arts program

●  Founder and Creative Director of Young People’s Freedom Song Initiative, New York City