Executive Coaching

for School Leadership


Our Philosophy

Led by Experience

The Executive Coaches of The Education Group are recently retired, successful heads of outstanding independent schools who are committed to supporting the next generation of school heads. The following is a brief summary of our program and an introduction to the men and women who serve as Executive Coaches.

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Our Principles

Addressing the Right Challenges

Over the last several years the creators of the Executive Coaching Program have studied the transition of leadership in independent schools, interviewing current and former heads; board chairs; search committee chairs; and heads of search firms in order to shape a program designed to maximize the ability and skills of each new school head. Here then are the principles that inform our work and some of the ways we teach new heads and their schools about them:
“Principles of Good Practice for Leadership Transition”
“Executive Coaching in the Time of Transition”
“What Sets us Apart?”
“Executive Coaching Fee Structure”
A List of Presentations to Independent School Organizations
Biographies of TEG Executive Coaches
* The Process of Engaging an Executive Coach

Our Process

Advanced Curriculum

Our recently retired heads of independent schools have given a great deal of thought to the matter of leadership transition and the issues it raises at different schools. Here are a number of “White Papers” written in response to some of the frequently asked questions that are raised about leadership transition. Please check this section periodically. We regularly add “White Papers” to it. Furthermore, please write us with requests for other papers on school leadership and transition issues that you would like us to address.


Our Resources

Executive coaching, mentoring, support teams, leadership transition, etc., have been the subject of much attention in recent years in business, sports, and recently in education. The Executive Coaches of The Education Group have collected a number of articles on these subjects that we hope new heads, trustees, and others will find helpful. Please check this section periodically. We are adding to our collection on a regular basis.

In our work with independent school heads and trustees, we have received a number of helpful reviews and observations about it that we are eager to share with new heads and trustees.

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Our Services

In addition to our standard “curriculum” for Executive Coaching, the coaches and others at The Education Group offer a number of collateral programs in support of aspiring heads of school, new heads, veteran heads, and boards of trustees:
• Sample Coaching Sessions or Six-Session Package
• Career Planning Counseling for Aspiring Heads (1-on-1 session or Webinar)
• Skype Sessions between School and Prospective Executive Coach(es)
• Services for Boards of Trustees
      • Governance Workshops
      • Board Training Workshops
      • Strategic Planning